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On this week’s episode we talk about how the effects of one’s mental health can affect relationships. Whether it is a significant other, a sibling, or even a coworker we recognize our past situations that were affected when we were not our best.

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On this episode, we are discussing why people can’t take a step back and mind their business! Our focus being on the consistent subject matter of abortion policies and recent subtopics like the #SexStrike. We share our thoughts, feelings, and concerns as well as others within the social media world leading to the conclusion that our bodies belong to us alone.

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SURPRISE! It's a bonus episode! What happens when you have 3 PKs (preacher/pastor's kids) from 3 different denominations in one room?! Whitney Gaston joins us again in this impromptu conversation about the good, bad, hilarious, and sometimes traumatizing experiences of growing up in church as a PK. Our conversation got cut short, because we had to get ready for a I guess that means you'll be hearing from Whitney again in the near future! 

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It's Mental Health Awareness Month! Share with us how you're raising awareness and taking care of yourself.

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This episode was difficult. After an awkward introduction, we attempt to have a conversation about collective grief and how we process loss. We also celebrate the life and mourn the death of Rachel Held Evans. We are grateful for her life, work, and legacy. We pray for peace and comfort to her family and loved ones. You can tangibly support her family, as they will have to handle medical expenses, by donating to this GoFundMe page:

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It's Mental Health Awareness Month! Share with us how you're breaking the stigmas, taking care of yourself, and/or supporting others.

Song of the Week- "Little Things With Great Love" by Audrey Assad

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This week, we continue our conversation on signs and wonders, focusing on the Holy Spirit and some of the many charismatic gifts we have encountered in the church and our personal lives. Abra also announces the launch of her new movement class, Mystic Flow. Stay tuned for details!

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In this episode, we have a laugh reminiscing our experiences growing up in church and the good things (and not so good things) that exist specifically within the black church. Shameless Plugs: Evolving Faith Conference is October 4th & 5th in Denver, CO. Get your tickets here: and you can follow the conference on most social media platforms! Please join us in lifting up Rachel Held Evans and her family in prayer as she continues to recover in the hospital. Follow our girl, Saaneah on Instagram @saaneah and support her work!

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We kick off our series, Queering Dance, where we highlight different LGBTQ+ dance artists and how their identities and lived experiences are shaping their artistry. This week, Whitney Gaston sits down with Abra to unpack her coming out process and what it means to disrupt the spaces she occupies as a queer black woman. Follow her and her work on Instagram @whxnxcole and Twitter @ohsowhitit! Continue the conversation by keeping up with us on social media! Instagram: @misfitsandmysticspod Twitter: @misfitsmystics Facebook: Misfits & Mystics Podcast. Send us an email, and with your permission, we might give you a shout out:

This week, we have recreation therapist, Kathy W. to share some knowledge and bring visibility to recreational therapy and its benefit to our mental health. Recreational Therapy Resources here:

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It's time we get a little weird and tap into our mystic sides! We kick off a new series where we are diving into all things signs and wonders, and how that is informing our faith perspective and relationship with the church. This week we talk about deliverance, spirits, and our frustrations with problematic aspects of Christianity.

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Some of you will probably cancel us after listening to this episode.


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